Sunday, August 15, 2010

Trip to the Breadstaurant!

Note : this is a review of Con Pane Rustic Breads and Cafe in Point Loma, San Diego. Fueling my bread obsession one obscenely large slice at a time.

I am a breadophile. A bread monster. When I go out for dessert, I am usually sad it's not a loaf of bread. One time, I tried the South Beach diet and I almost slit my wrists.

So you can imagine how HAPPY I was when I found out there's a breadstaurant and it's only like 20 minutes away!!! Ok that second part makes me kinda sad, but it might be for the best. Nothing worse than blowing up like a blueberry from eating pound after pound of delicious, soft, crusty, amazing.... I digress.
For two of us, we ordered the savory bread basket thingie, a giant piece of chocolate bread, and focaccia OTD. With 2 coffees (including boyfriend's finnicky espresso drink), it came to about 16 bucks. Say whaaaaaat?

Bread basket - I knew I was in trouble when this arrived. It was a literal leviathan of bread. See photo. Each piece had the square inchage of a small fedex box. Had the chive and grueyere, multigrain, and rosemary and olive oil breads. Came with delicious pesto and some other things that don't make it into my memory radar.

Chocolate bread - you are a curious creature. Maybe you can't decide what you are, but I like you anyway. Soft, chocolatey, and kinda a little sour on the aftertaste. Yummy.

Focaccia - Gorgonzola, walnuts, and red onion. If you think I flip my shiznat for bread, wait til you see what I do for gorgonzola! The only problems with this bready thing was that the walnuts pissed me off, and everything jumped off the bread when I bit into it. Boyfriend admonished with a "use a damn knife and fork you heathen" or something.

Con Pane, you should be getting 5 stars. Delicious bread, badass interior, cool lights... good coffee. But you can't have it for a couple of simple reasons.

For ONE : why is your menu located behind tables not anywhere near where you order? You wait in a long line just to realize the reason it's so slow is cuz NOBODY has looked at a menu yet because there simply isn't one to look at!
For TWOLY : Um... you should probably ask if I want my bread heated up. Just do it.

Photos by Ben :

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