Friday, November 25, 2011

Elegant Thanksgiving leftovers

This year, we made a really delicious turkey. Which, of course, was fantastic at the time, but lead to virtually no leftover turkey at all. With the center of my gobbler sandwich missing, what could I do with the rest of the leftovers?

So I pilfered some mashed potatoes, some brussel sprouts, green bean casserole, and a few scraps of white meat from dinner last night. Alone, the textures, when combined, make a whole lot of squishy deliciousness. But us humans are prone to enjoying varied textures, so I knew I needed to add something. Arugala for a crisp peppery bite, grape tomatoes for their juicy toothsomeness, an egg because everything needs eggs. I also made a sauce of canned cranberry sauce mixed in equal parts with BBQ sauce for a little zip.

The results were delicious and beautiful for dinner the night after Thanksgiving. It tasted vaguely like turkey-day fare, but different enough to be a new experience.

Pan-fried potato patties with Thanksgiving fixins
1. Scrounge up leftovers.
2. Squash leftover mashed potatoes into a patty with rosemary and brussel sprouts. Roll in bread crumbs. Be careful! They're very delicate!
3. Pan fry in a little bit of butter until browned on both sides.
4. Fry an egg with a little rosemary.
5. Stack all ingredients as chefly as possible on a plate and enjoy!

Thanksgiving is about cooking as much as the day after is about NOT cooking, so this is simple and quick and relatively light.

Photos by Ben :

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